Lakers Cut Robert Upshaw, Keep

Robert Upshaw

The Lakers have cut big man, Robert Upshaw. The big man who brought enough big trouble to the table in order to fall from a first round pick to not drafted at all seemed like a steal for the Lakers in the free agency, but now he is off the squad.

When Upshaw went head to head with Karl-Anthony Towns, Upshaw blocked three shots and even hit a turnaround jumper over the first overall pick in just 12 minutes. He seemed like a solid fit, and the steal of the draft without being drafted.

The Lakers are reportedly hoping that he’ll clear waivers and sign with the D-Fenders. If that all goes as planned, perhaps he can continue to develop his basketball skills in the D-League, while continuing to make strides in his personal life.

Another team can offer him a deal, but nothing has happened as of yet.

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