Kobe Bryant has no plans to join Inside The NBA studio show

Recently retired NBA star Kobe Bryant said he doesn’t want to join the studio show of the popular TNT basketball broadcast Inside The NBA.

Now that he is retired from professional basketball following 20 magical seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant is a hot commodity in the basketball world still. Some have wondered what his next move will be, whether it involves coaching, team management or a job in the broadcasting world.

While the latter may be the most likely option, it won’t be joining the crew of one of the top studio shows in all of sports. Following an event in Los Angeles, Bryant was asked if he was interested in joining the crew of TNT’s award winning Inside The NBA studio show. His answer, caught by TMZ cameras, was simple and direct:

For all we know, that could change if Kobe Bryant decides to get into the broadcasting game (and if Turner Sports throws enough money his way). But for the moment, there will be no reunion on set with former Lakers teammate and “friend” Shaquille O’Neal or the always opinionated Charles Barkley.

Reports had surfaced in recent years that Barkley has grown tired of doing the studio show and would be eventually retiring from the crew in the coming years. If Bryant was brought on board to replace Barkley, it would be a much different dynamic as Kobe may be a little more political with his answers and thoughts than Sir Chuck was.

Kobe Bryant announced his retirement during the 2015-16 season and went out in a big way as he dropped 60 points in his April 13th finale (the most ever for a NBA player in their final game).

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