Kobe makes offer to train with Shaq’s son

Kobe Bryant’s found some diversions to help him while away the days since his retirement — daytime hidden-camera comedy, working on an animated adaptation of his epic poem, stuff like that. Evidently, though, the Los Angeles Lakers legend and future first-ballot Hall of Famer’s still got enough time on his hands to get back in the gym and put a non-purple-and-gold-clad youngblood under his wing.

Kobe’s not trying to work with just any neophyte, though. We’re talking about Shareef O’Neal — the prep-star son of Bryant’s teammate-turned-nemesis-turned-friend, Shaquille O’Neal — who told TMZ that the Black Mamba’s made an offer to work with him before he heads into his junior year of high school.

“I talk to Kobe sometimes,” said the younger O’Neal. “I might start training with him, because during Toronto All-Star [Weekend back in February], he was talking about [how] I need to train with him. […] Yeah, I’mma start training with Kobe soon, probably this summer. […] If we play one-on-one, I’mma try to win.”

An O’Neal vowing to come out victorious in a battle with Kobe Bryant. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning, y’all.

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